Real-Time access to great deals worldwide


Optimize all aspects of your business


Smarter, data-driven decisions


Manage your journey and your budget


Intelligent applications built for efficiency


We make travel management easier and less expensive with our AI-powered booking applications, intelligent learning algorithms, customizable rules engines, analytics and global negotiated rate programs.

Inventory Management
Hotel Connections provides the industry’s first aggregated singular application interface of global hotel content and inventory. Our network provides access to a variety of private content distribution channels maximizing availability and cost control in the respective markets.

Contract Management
Our proprietary hotel database is integrated with a best-in-class CRM system which delivers the ability to search, bid, data mine, manage and report all procurement activity related to your program on a global basis.

Sourcing and Negotiation
Our team of 75+ market experts sources 365 days a year and negotiates the best terms based on existing market conditions.


Our technology and services bring greater efficiency, transparency, and data to all of our customers guaranteed.

Schedule Management
Our CMS interfacing application manages regular and irregular crew schedules to enable monthly hotel and transportation planning and real-time updates. Using both one-way and two-way interfaces, we ensure that no crewmember goes unaccounted for.

Process Automation
With seamless integrations, we provide end-to-end solutions and data processing that automate over 97% of crew logistics management processes.

Our team uses data-driven solutions to budget and plan accurately. We keep operations running smoothly with our powerful business rules engine.


We work jointly with our hotel suppliers to provide seamless operations and industry leading service for crew accommodations and logistics.

Roomblock Management
Our applications monitor and track room utilization to ensure that you get the most out of the rooms you buy, and that you only pay for what was consumed.

Invoice Reconciliation
Our fully customizable invoicing tool provides 100% billing accuracy and continually audits for compliance and discrepancies.

Hotel Feedback
Our reporting tool aggregates data across our applications suite including issues tracking & resolutions, and employee satisfaction results for annual forecasting and market planning.


We provide transportation services that move at the speed of your business, ensuring on-time operations.

GPS Tracking
Hotel Connections is the only company in the world that provides a crew mobile application with integrated GPS tracking for GT providers.

Route Optimization
Our system utilizes an intelligent, configurable rules engine and optimization software to provide the most efficient transportation schedules at the best value.

Real-Time Updates
Our transportation feed sends automated, system-generated messages to GT providers with demand for transportation. GT providers are able to validate invoices as well as notify adjustments though the automated two-way interface of our system.

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